WeCo Digital Accessibility Services:
Who we are and what we do

Real life accessibility starts with understanding. That’s why WeCo provides usability-based training and testing services for organizations  concerned

A man with limited use of his hands using speech recognition software with a headset, and also using a pointer stick. He's in a lab setting with other testers around him.

Sr. Accessibility Specialist, Chad Koch, working in a WeCo testing training lab.

about digital accessibility, including Section 508, ADA or WCAG requirements.  If you’re new to accessibility, or expanding present practices to move beyond software and include input from the end-user, our services help you bring meaningful accessibility to life.

What makes WeCo different from traditional accessibility services?

WeCo’s service are focused on giving our clients access/feedback from actual users who live with disabilities. As a mission-based forprofit company,  90% of our staff team live with a disability.  This means that WeCo is a place where talented individuals, who are often overlooked by traditional work environments, can grow and contribute.


WeCo in the Community:

WeCo Celebrates Disability Employment Awareness Month and Minneapolis Office Grand Opening!

Join us at our new office in Minneapolis, Minnesota for device demonstrations by our Testers, and stories of how they make #inclusionwork everyday! More information on our events page…

New Fall Training Series for Companies and Individual Professionals!

A room full of people receiving training from WeCo.

Learn about digital accessibility directly from professionals who live it everyday. Join a WeCo fall training course in Minneapolis!

WeCo’s Accessibility Team will be offering the two part “Designing for Accessibility” series once each month, throughout the fall.  “Getting Start in Accessibility” and , Applying Accessibility Criteria to Your Project,” will help your staff understand the needs of users living with disabilities, and move your website and software toward WCAG 2.0/Section 508/ADA standards.

Both courses are now available to web developers, software engineers and content managers who are part of a larger organization, but want individual training, as well as to independent businesses and consultants.

Getting Started in Accessibility Training Course
Applying Accessibility Criteria to Your Project Training Course

Looking for another type of training?  Check out our Education Services page.