A Breeze Among Flowers

By Annie Henwood (WeCo Public Relations Assistant) I sat at my desk with my eyes focused on my professor's facial expressions. While other students around me were taking notes or even playing with their phones, I struggled to keep up with the lecture. This professor was a firm believer in lecture-based education. He talked the whole time with very little interaction and almost no writing on the whiteboard. For some, this was a boring, yet effective way of teaching. For others like myself, it Read more of this post

The Invisible Disability

People who meet me for the first time, or know very little about me, often tell me that they are very surprised to learn that I live with a disability. They are even more surprised to learn that my disability kept me out of the work force, and unable to interact effectively with others, for several years. That is not uncommon for those of us who live each day with some form of mental illness.  Because of the significant stigma surrounding the disease, most of us go to great lengths never Read more of this post

Striving to Hear in a Digital World

By: Kate Olson (WeCo Administrative Assistant) It's difficult to have a healthy self-image when walking into a room full of people can trigger anxiety. I have encountered enough uncertainty with my hearing abilities to know that I should be prepared for confusion and embarrassment, on my part as well as the person speaking with me. I have an 80 percent hearing deficit, the result of a genetic sensorineural hearing loss that has challenged my family for generations. I do not speak or understand Read more of this post

Struggling with Accessibility – The User’s Story

At WeCo, all of our consultants live with disabilities. We love sitting down and talking with them about what it means to live with a disability in today’s electronic world. Jeff and Lynn were happy to share some of their frustrations about finding information online. Jeff has a B.S. in business administration with a minor in psychology and works in various types of customer service positions. He is one of the original WeCo CTCs and offers extensive expertise and insight into how the visually Read more of this post