CTC, Kate Olson, holding a hearing amplification device, and smiling. Kate tests website and software for IT accessibility as a part of her job with WeCo..

WeCo Sr. Certified Test Consultant, Kate, demonstrating a hearing amplification device at a WeCo IT accessibility demonstration booth.

WeCo Accessibility Services:
Who we are and what we do

Real life accessibility starts with understanding. That’s why WeCo provides usability-based training and testing services for organizations  concerned about IT accessibility, including Section 508, ADA or WCAG requirements.  If you’re new to accessibility, or expanding present practices to move beyond software and include input from the end-user, our services help you bring meaningful accessibility to life.

What makes WeCo different from traditional accessibility services?

WeCo’s service are focused on giving our clients access/feedback from actual users who live with disabilities. As a mission-based forprofit company,  90% of our staff team live with a disability.  This means that WeCo is a place where talented individuals, who are often overlooked by traditional work environments, can grow and contribute.


WeCo provides WCAG 2.0 user verification services
for airlines and other industries

If your a US airline with a December 12, 2015 deadline for WCAG 2.0 compliance on your booking and travel systems, contact WeCo’s Accessibility Team today! Our team of Certified Test Consultants and Accessibility Specialists are ready to help get your website on track.

WeCo’s Accessibility Team is also available to help any organization manage an upcoming accessibility deadline.  Contact us at: accessinfo@theweco.com or 855-849-5050 x1

A poster with the words, "accessibility is usability" laying on the WeCo display table.

At WeCo, usability is a crucial part of accessibility. We enjoyed discussing this with everyone attending the World Usability Day celebration!

WeCo in the Community:
World Usability Day 2015 at the University of Minnesota

WeCo Accessibility Specialists and Staff helped celebrate World Usability Day at the University of Minnesota on November 12th, by sponsoring a booth about usability-based accessibility testing.  Celebration attendees stopped by our booth to learn about how our Certified Test Consultants who live with disabilities, employ usability methods everyday in our accessibility testing process.

Sue Ann and Haley are seated next to each other behind a table with literature.

WeCo Lead Accessibility Specialist, Sue Ann Rodriquez (left) poses with Administrative Specialist, Haley Kimmet, at our company booth.

Four people seated behind a black skirted table on a stage.

One of the excellent panels on usability presented that day!