Accessibility starts with understanding, that’s why WeCo provides usability-based training and

A woman's hands poised on a Braille translator keyboard.

WeCo’s team of Certified Test Consultants provide real life user feedback for websites and software.

testing services for organizations and businesses concerned about IT accessibility, including Section 508, ADA or WCAG requirements.  Whether your group is new to accessibility, or expanding present practices to move beyond software and include input from the end-user, our services help you bring meaningful accessibility to life.

What makes WeCo different?

WeCo’s service are focused on giving our clients access/feedback from actual users who live with disabilities. As a mission-based forprofit company,  90% of our staff team live with a disability.  This means that WeCo is a place where talented individuals, who are often overlooked by traditional work environments, can grow and contribute.

Celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day
on May 21!
WeCo Hosts Visiting Leaders from the
United Arab Emirates

WeCo staff pose with six delegates; one staff member is in a wheel chair.

WeCo Accessibility Specialists pose with delegates from the UAE, touring the US through the Dept. of State’s International Visiting Leader Program.

WeCo was honored to be selected by the US Department of State’s International Visiting Leader Program to host a delegation of humanitarian and social service professionals from the United Arab Emirates on May 4, 2015.

Learn more about this visit by viewing our press release and YouTube WeCo UAE Visit video, which includes our Accessibility Team demonstrating assistive technology for the delegation.