Is Your Online Presence Accessible to Everyone?

You have a web presence, but is it really accessible to all of the people you serve, regardless of their abilities? When websites and electronic documents are developed without considering the needs of disabled users they become difficult, or impossible for these people to access. An inaccessible website can lead to negative legal and public-relations ramifications for your organization. Accessible and legally compliant websites and documents are within your grasp when you make WeCo your partner Read more of this post

Equal Access to the Web: The Legal Realities

The laws which mandate equal access apply to government entities, private and non-profit businesses alike. These include the ADA, Section 508, WCAG and Mandate 376. Since the passage of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the  Americans with Disabilities Act the number of court cases dealing with access issues are increasing each year in the United States.  These include companies that represent household names, such as Target Stores and Netflix who are being challenged for ADA compliance. Social Read more of this post

WeCo’s Best-Kept Trade Secret

The Wehrman Collaborative is a business where the physical and cognitive challenges people live with can create opportunities to educate and improve access to information, products and services. At WeCo we believe that individuals living with disabilities become experts at access simply by navigating their day-to-day lives. The WeCo Accessibility Test Platform enables these individuals to put their life experience to work to help make websites and electronic communications more accessible for everyone. The Read more of this post