WeCo Digital Accessibility Services:
Who we are and what we do

Real life accessibility starts with understanding. That’s why WeCo provides usability-based training and testing services for organizations  concerned

WeCo's testers, staff and board members assembed for a group photo in their office.

WeCo’s Testers, Accessibility Specialists, Staff and Board Members are here to assist you with real life IT accessibility.

about digital accessibility, including Section 508, ADA or WCAG requirements.  If you’re new to accessibility, or expanding present practices to move beyond software and include input from the end-user, our services help you bring meaningful accessibility to life.

What makes WeCo different from traditional accessibility services?

WeCo’s service are focused on giving our clients access/feedback from actual users who live with disabilities. As a mission-based forprofit company,  90% of our staff team live with a disability.  This means that WeCo is a place where talented individuals, who are often overlooked by traditional work environments, can grow and contribute.


WeCo in the Community:
WeCo Visits Ally People Solutions

Ally staff member posing with Nina Phouthasack and Lynn Wehrman of WeCo.WeCo CTC Management Assistant, Nina Phouthasack, and WeCo President, Lynn Wehrman, took a tour of Ally People Solutions St. Paul offices and facilities in March.

Ally People Solutions is a dynamic non-profit organization that has been serving our communities for 50 years. It advances the career and life goals of people who have disabilities. It supports 285 people with intellectual or mental health disabilities in their desire to be active, contributing and productive members of our communities.

Ally provides qualified candidates for placement on WeCo’s Certified Test Team and WeCo’s clients benefit greatly as a result!