WeCo Accessibility Services:
Who we are and what we do

Accessibility starts with understanding, that’s why WeCo provides usability-based training and A woman seated in a wheel chair in a urban office with a city view.  She is speaking with a man in a suit and they are looking at a computer screen together.testing services for organizations and businesses concerned about IT accessibility, including Section 508, ADA or WCAG requirements.  Whether your group is new to accessibility, or expanding present practices to move beyond software and include input from the end-user, our services help you bring meaningful accessibility to life.

What makes WeCo different?

WeCo’s service are focused on giving our clients access/feedback from actual users who live with disabilities. As a mission-based forprofit company,  90% of our staff team live with a disability.  This means that WeCo is a place where talented individuals, who are often overlooked by traditional work environments, can grow and contribute.


WeCo hosts “Access for All” project visitors on behalf of US Department of State and Minnesota International Center

Mr. Fernandez and Mrs. Wehrman are smiling and standing arm in arm while making the international ASL greeting sign.

Juan De Vgouveia Fernandez, President of the Federation of the Deaf in Venezuela, South America, teaches WeCo President, Lynn Wehrman an international greeting in American Sign Language.

WeCo is a proud host of the International Visitor Leader Program from the US Department of State . On Wednesday, July 29, 2015 WeCo hosted the “Access for All” International Visitor Leader participants, who were in the US learning more about the Americans with Disabilities Act in time for it’s 25th anniversary.

The US Department of State Project: “Access for All: Enhancing the Lives of People with Disabilities.” examined how the United States has led changes that allow people with disabilities to participate more fully in economic and civic life.

The group who visited WeCo in July will included representatives working in disability advocacy, social work and humanitarian efforts from countries in areas such as Africa, South America, Asia and Europe.