What does “accessible” mean?

Put simply, “accessible” means that something is useful or available  to a person or a group of people.  When applied to websites, software and other e-formats, “accessible” often means that people can “access” or use it,  even if they have different needs and abilities stemming from living with a disability.



Why be accessible?

Businesses and organizations decide to make websites and products accessible for these reasons:

To meet legal requirements (Such as Section 508 / ADA)

To comply with international recommended standards (W3C: WCAG)

A growing number of their customers live with disabilities

It’s the right thing to do

Real people creating real accessibility

Organizations are finding that accessibility software simply can’t provide the same kind of personal insight and guidance that real people can. WeCo’s services put you in touch with people who are uniquely qualified and trained to assist you in making your projects accessible, all of whom live with disabilities.