Group picture of the WeCo Company Picnic 2012


WeCo’s Unique Mission

WeCo is a business where the physical and cognitive challenges people with disabilities live with can create opportunities to educate and improve access to information, products and services. Individuals living with disabilities become experts at access simply by navigating their day-to-day lives. The WeCo Accessibility Test Platform enables these individuals to put their life experience to work to help make websites and electronic communications more accessible for everyone and creates consultant careers for people with disabilities.

The WeCo consultant career translates into an exciting opportunity for people who may have been overlooked by traditional work environments. We consider this talented group of people our best-kept trade secret.


For Profit with a Purpose

WeCo is a business that views the skills of people living with disabilities as a viable for-profit business model. Our consultants’ skills are in high demand, timely and valuable, thus, our business is crafted as a for-profit model.


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