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GovDelivery Earns Multiple Accessibility Honors   2-3-16

Minneapolis, MN – February 3, 2016– The Wehrman Collaborative, LLC (WeCo), an IT accessibility testing organization, announced today that GovDelivery, Incorporated has been granted a limited right of use of WeCo’s Access Approved® logo for two of their government digital communication products.   GovDelivery first received this honor in 2012 for their Digital Communication Cloud, and earned the honor again in 2014. At the end of 2015, GovDelivery received this distinction for an additional product that is currently under development.  This is the first time an organization has met WeCo’s Standards of Access® for multiple products…

Molina Medicare Website Earns WeCo Access Approved® Seal 9-24-15

Minneapolis, MN – September 24, 2015– WeCo Accessibility Services, an IT accessibility testing organization, announced today that Molina Healthcare has been granted a limited right of use of WeCo’s Access Approved® logo for the Medicare section of its website. With this development, Molina Healthcare is ensuring that all aspects of their Medicare healthcare system and plans are accessible for all users including those living with disabilities and utilizing assistive technology.

“Removing barriers to health care has always been a priority for Molina Healthcare. With more people with disabilities and seniors using the web as a tool to help manage their care, improving access to our site was the right thing to do…”

WeCo Discusses IT Accessibility with United Arab Emirates Visitors 5-19-15

The Wehrman Collaborative (WeCo)…hosted on May 4 visitors from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). WeCo Founder Lynn Wehrman and the group of international visitors who are current and emerging leaders in disability issues discussed compliance with IT accessibility requirements and standards for which WeCo tests its clients’ websites. Two WeCo Accessibility Specialists demonstrated technology commonly used by Internet users living with disabilities.

See this visit on video at: WeCo Host IVL Delegates from United Arab Emirates

GovDelivery Receives Second Accessibility Certification from WeCo for Digital Communication Cloud– 1-9-15

St. Paul, MN – January 12, 2015 – The Wehrman Collaborative, LLC (WeCo), an accessibility testing organization, announced today that GovDelivery has been granted a limited right of use of WeCo’s Access Approved® logo for its GovDelivery Communications Cloud, the second WeCo approval this product has garnered. This recognition illustrates that GovDelivery continues…”

IT-Accessibility Awards Granted to Education and Health Care Organizations by WeCo – 10-21-14

“WeCo has granted limited use of the Access Approved® logo to Mackin Educational Resources of Burnsville, Minnesota and the Minnesota Alliance for Patient Safety of Minneapolis, Minnesota….”

Carroll Center for the Blind’s IT consulting practice gets a partner – 10-14-2013

“The Carroll Center, based in Newton, has been offering this consulting service for about a year but last week announced a partnership with WeCo, a Minnesota-based company that develops website content for people with disabilities. Through the partnership, the Carroll Center will continue offering its consulting analysis and WeCo will be able to make the necessary modifications so that client websites are accessible. …”


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