WeCo’s Mission Statement

Based upon the principles of building up, moving forward and focusing on our strengths, WeCo’s mission is to foster accessibility, awareness and independence for all people, regardless of their level of ability.

Why WeCo is Unique

WeCo (The Wehrman Collaborative, LLC) specializes in providing organizations with access to the very people who our clients are attempting to reach: users living with disabilities.  We do this by recruiting individuals who live with disabilities and training them to work on our user-experience test teams.

As a mission-based for-profit organization, WeCo focuses on employing people who live with disabilities, both as test consultants and as internal support staff members.  With an unemployment and underemployment rate for individuals living with disabilities can be as high as 80% (US Dept. of Labor) our company is providing employment for people who are often overlooked by traditional work environments.

WeCo Quick Facts

  • WeCo’s Certified Test Consultant Team is made up of people who live with disabilities which represent the four major areas of disability classification identified by the U.S. Department of Human Services: sight, hearing, motor skill and cognitive-related disabilities.
  • We conduct accessibility tests using a wide range of assistive computer devices that are common to people who live with a variety of disabilities. These devices are highly representative of the real experiences of people living with disabilities as they include a wide range of device age, brand and types.
  • Our Certified Test Consultants (or CTCs) receive extensive and ongoing training in how to conduct tests that help us determine how accessible our client’s targets (websites, online products, e-documents, etc.) are to people who live with disabilities.
  • Most CTCs come to WeCo because they are underutilized in the workplace, or are unable to acquire gainful employment, due to lack of understanding regarding their disabilities or reluctance on the part of potential employers to make workplace accommodations which could enable them to work.  As a result, they are extremely dedicated to their work, and to meeting our client’s needs.

About WeCo’s Accessibility Testing Services

WeCo tests websites, software products and other online platforms for accessibility by people living with disabilities in conjuction with the following US and international accessibility laws, standards and guidelines:

Other accessibility testing organizations do not offer the depth and organized testing structure specifically related to how real people living with disabilities interact with online venues, that WeCo’s testing services does!

WeCo Advisory Board

WeCo’s driving force is its dynamic and involved Advisory Board.  Made up largely of individuals who live with disabilities,  our Board members come from expertise background in the fields such as vocational rehabilitation, accessible workplace accommodation, psychology and accessible technology.

The WeCo Advisory Board helps to shape our products and guide our company the bold career path being blazed by our Certified Test Consultant Team.