Group of smiling individuals standing together in a conference room. WeCo President, Lynn Wehrman, is holding a certificate and standing at the center.

Web engineers, UX developers and Molina management pose with WeCo President, Lynn Wehrman, at their offices in Long Beach, CA.


Websites and e‐formats that achieve the WeCo Standards of Access®  are eligible to display WeCo’s Access Approved® seal. The WeCo Access Approved® seal tells your customers and competitors that your website or project has achieved a high‐level of user accessibility as well as stringent accessibility standards.




Benefits of the Access Approved® Seal

WeCo's trademark Access Approved logo which says, "Access Approved" below the name WeCo.The WeCo Access Approved® Seal gives your website or project a visual affirmation of your efforts to make your web presence more accessible for people who live with disabilities and may serve as an assurance to your customers and users that you are responsive to their needs.  The Seal may also serve as an excellent tool for documenting your organization’s work towards legal compliance as well as accountability and proactive social responsibility.

The presence of the WeCo Access Approved® Seal on a website or project cannot guarantee any level of access for individuals or groups, or that an organization or business will capture a certain percentage of a market share or increase its profits.  But due to the extensive testing your target has undergone to earn the Seal, we believe that while encountering your test target your customers will experience a higher level of usability, comfort and satisfaction compared with other websites and projects.

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