Blindness Awareness Month: How Braille Displays Work – My Personal Experience

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This 2 pound new technology display device has the mechanical pins popping up and down like older refreshable Braille display devices, but it also allows me to do word processing, get on the internet wirelessly or through Bluetooth, and connect to a smart phone to get texts. It stores information on either an internal flash drive or a SD card. Plus, it has specific aps for things like facebook or software for reading the Bible.

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National Disability Employment Awareness Month: Making It Work – How I Do My Job Living with My Disability

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Written By Guest Blogger Nina, WeCoLead Certified Test Consultant As a working individual living with a sight-related disability, I’ve encountered a variety of challenges at the workplace. Fortunately, with the help of modern and assistive technology, those challenges have become fewer and far between. I rely heavily on assistive technology screen reader programs JAWS(Job Access with Speech) and VoiceOver to successfully complete my day-to-day job responsibilities at WeCo. I can perform Read more of this...

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National Disability Employment and Blindness Awareness Month: An Introduction

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This month, our bloggers from our staff and CTC team will share their experiences with job searching as a person with a disability, successfully doing their job despite their disability, hiring staff with disabilities and making reasonable accommodations, explaining how screen readers and magnification software works, developing for users living with sight related disabilities, and much more.

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