A Family Journey with Epilepsy and the Human Right to Healthcare

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November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month in the US.  While many people have heard of this disorder, few people understand what it is and how public attitudes toward it, and healthcare, have influenced how people have lived with it. In my extended and family of origin, Epilepsy was, and still is, so frequent that we were asked to participate in studies conducted by Columbia University, in New York. Before the study, I used to believe that I...

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Fallacies About Hiring People Living With Disabilities

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As the public focus of NDEAM fades, I’m left wondering, why is it so difficult for people to see the possibilities and opportunities of including professionals living with disabilities in their workplaces, except for one month out of the year?   As the founder and President of WeCo, a company that is nearly 100% staff by professionals who live with disabilities, I get a lot of questions from fellow business owners and employers such as:...

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