Fallacies About Hiring People Living With Disabilities

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As the public focus of NDEAM fades, I’m left wondering, why is it so difficult for people to see the possibilities and opportunities of including professionals living with disabilities in their workplaces, except for one month out of the year?   As the founder and President of WeCo, a company that is nearly 100% staff by professionals who live with disabilities, I get a lot of questions from fellow business owners and employers such as:...

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WeCo: A Workplace Making a Difference-Individuals with Disabilities

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At WeCo part of our mission is to create a place where people who live with disabilities can not only work but be inspired to succeed. Our Certified Test Team is comprised of a group of individuals who live with disabilities. Many of these people are educated, sharp, and great learners, but they have struggled in the past to find a place of employment that sees beyond their disability. Our consultants are very enthusiastic as to why they love...

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Five Reasons Why Including People Living With Disabilities in your Workforce Creates a Positive Culture

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As the president of a company that is highly dependent upon the unique perspective and specific skills that result when people live with one or more types of disabilities, making reasonable accommodations is a part of my everyday work life.  At WeCo, accommodation is viewed as part of how we do business, rather than a way of providing special dispensation to someone who works for us. The result of the "business as usual" view we take of what is...

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