Accessibility Manual Audit, Remediation and Testing
with Direct Access to the User

Man seated in a wheel chair wearing a headset and preparing to show speech recognition software. He is preparing to do accessibility manual audits and testing.

WeCo Sr. Accessibility Specialist, Chad Koch, prepares to demonstrate speech recognition software for clients at WeCo’s offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

WeCo’s Accessibility Manual Audit and Testing Services are designed by, and based on the needs of real people living with disabilities.  Unlike accessibility testing software, our services  put you in touch with our testers, all of whom live with disabilities.

To find out more about WeCo’s “user focused” audit and accessibility testing services, contact us at: or 855-849-5050 x1


Getting Started: WeCo Accessibility Inventory Audit and Sustainable Remediation Service

Knowing where you are and how far you need to go, to reach digital access, is a great place to start.  WeCo’s Accessibility Inventory Audit Service provides you with a list of what is accessible, and what isn’t.  In an easy-to-read report, with tips for fixing what needs to be more accessible on your website or in your software.


Sustainable Remediation Option

If you choose, a WeCo Accessibility Specialist will work alongside your staff (onsite or via phone/web) to apply the remedies recommended in your Accessibility Inventory. WeCo’s Sustainable Remediation approach means that your staff will learn how to apply remedies now, and in the future, and be more likely to develop for access successfully the first time. 

Benefits of WeCo’s Accessibility Inventory Manual Audit and Sustainable Remediation Services:

  • Gives you an easy to read “list” report of what items you need to update for accessibility.
  • Provides you a list of “best practices,” or things your website/software, is already doing that works well.
  • Results are provided by WeCo Accessibility Specialists who understand digital access, and live with one or more disability.
  • Meets current Department of Justice and Office of Civil Rights recommendations for WCAG 2.0 manual accessibility audits.
  • Sustainable remediation enables your staff to learn how to apply their own accessible remedies, now and in the future.

WeCo's Access Check-In Logo with Braille motif and WeCo logoAre We On the Right Track?
WeCo’s Access Check-In® Service

WeCo’s Access Check-In® Service is designed to give you quick feedback from WeCo testing professionals who live with a variety of disabilities.   Great for agile and other development processes.  Access Check-In® guides your changes in an informed manner, and allows development teams to learn and experiment with what works and what does not.

Benefits of WeCo’s Access Check-In® Service

  • Gives you an easy-to-read report with an overview of accessibility.
  • Report contains “in their own words” feedback from a tester and Accessibility Specialist, both of whom live with one or more disability.
  • Helps you to catch potential mistakes by testing small changes as they are made
  • Provides your staff with functional training in accessibility by making fixes as they are needed
  • Gives your staff the confidence that their work will be accessible

Getting Credit for Your Accessible Work:
WeCo’s Access Approved® Verification Testing Service and Documentation

WeCo's trademark registered Access Approved logo

WeCo’s trademark certified logo is proudly displayed on websites and software which meet WeCo’s Standards of Access.

WeCo’s Access Approved® testing services are designed to verify your website or project in conjunction with US and international accessibility laws and guidance (Section 508, Americans with Disabilities Act and WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), in addition to WeCo’s Own Standards of Accessibility®.  This powerful testing product is delivered by Certified Test Consultants and Accessibility Specialists who live with, and understand, accessibility in a very personal way–they live it everyday.

The Benefits You’ll Receive from WeCo’s Access Approved® Test Services

1. A customized accessibility test case which simulates how real-life users interact with your website or project, providing you with an optimal picture of accessibility.

2. A hand-selected team of WeCo testers is assigned to review your website or project.  Our testers receive certification training in order to implement WeCo’s Customized Test Cases. This means that your organization will receive quality testing services with quality results.

3. WeCo’s Access Approved® Test Case Report, which provides you with documentation of your organization’s accessibility efforts.  The report includes “in their own words” feedback from WeCo testers.  It also contains a detailed list of WeCo Standards of Access® your website or project has attained, a list of areas that need improvement including accessible recommendations from WeCo’s Accessibility Specialists.

BONUS: The statistical data contained within WeCo’s Access Approved® Test Case Final Report has been used by our clients to document and demonstrate efforts to comply with access legislation. This information can also be highly beneficial from a public relations standpoint.

4. WeCo’s “Second Option Review” feature for your website or project. For no additional cost, we’ll retest your website’s or project’s challenge areas with our Certified Test Consultants, if it doesn’t reach WeCo’s Access Approved® qualifications in the first round of testing.

Lynn Wehrman Presenting the WeCo Seal of Approval to Northwest Regional Bus Authority

WeCo President, Lynn Wehrman presenting a WeCo Access Approved Award to Tim Brown of the to Northwest Indiana Metropolitan Planning Organization at a public press event.

Access Approved® Status: An Elite Circle of Organizations

WeCo’s Access Approved® clients receive ongoing assistance from our Accessibility Specialists to help their websites and projects stay “accessible” throughout the year.  Included is a component of client services that recognize your team for a job well done including:

  • An assigned WeCo Accessibility Specialist who is familiar with your projects and goals.
  • Free WeCo Access Approved® collateral, such as post/rack cards, banners and flyers, to help promote the accessibility features of your website or products.
  • Invitations to your staff to attend special WeCo Access Approved® client training events, at no additional cost.
  • Opportunity to promote your organization and services by being featured as a guest at WeCo’s broadcast webinars and onsite events.
  • The option to have a WeCo Director or Board Member speak at your organization’s events. (Upon availability)

Learn More About WeCo’s Manual Audit and Testing Services

To learn more about WeCo’s unique “people-based” accessibility testing services contact us directly at: or at our Accessibility Services Department at 855-849-5050 x1