Working With WeCo

Have you ever imagined working in an environment where you can positively impact people’s lives every single day?  WeCo is one such place. WeCo's staff team posted in their office with a wood floor, two people are in wheel chairs, once is using a cane. With an emphasis on maximizing the skills and talents of everyone on our teams, you’ll find WeCo to be a workplace that is:

  • Equal opportunity, employing people living with disabilities, as well as those who don’t
  • Diverse and inclusive, welcoming people from many backgrounds and beliefs
  • Versatile, allowing you to work from your home office or our Minneapolis main base
  • Welcoming, a place where you can make friends and enjoy being a valued member of our team
  • Stimulating, where creative autonomy is not just expected, it’s rewarded

 WeCo’s Internship Opportunities

WeCo has a strong commitment to providing opportunities for growth to individuals living with disabilities, as well as those who don’t.  We believe in “hands on” experience as an essential way to learn, build a resume, a career and a well-rounded life.  WeCo Internships are offered on all of our staff teams including: Accessibility, Public Relations and Marketing and Operations.  The preferred length is 6 months and each offer a monthly stipend.

Below are the current Internship opportunities WeCo is offering.  Please read the Internship description completely and follow the instructions for application.

Accessibility Assistant Internship (PDF)

Public Relations and Marketing Assistant Internship (PDF)

To be considered for a WeCo Internship Opportunity, please complete our online application.


WeCo Career Opportunities

Being a member of WeCo’s internal staff team is a rewarding experience.  Each of our roles are focused on delivering WeCo’s mission to provide the very best service to our clients, and increase  awareness regarding the skills and capabilities of people living with disabilities, in our communities.

WeCo is not currently seeking members for our staff team at this time.


WeCo Certified Test Consultant Positions

WeCo provides an exciting part-time career for professionals living with disabilities. Interested in testing website and software products from your home office? WeCo hires new testers twice each year.  To learn more about this rewarding, part-time contract position, and our hiring timeline, please check out our page on WeCo Testing Careers


Volunteering at WeCo

As a mission-based company, WeCo depends heavily on the talents of a wide variety of people, to help us reach our goals.  Volunteering opportunities are available at WeCo’s Minneapolis, Minnesota office.  These may include:

  • Assisting at a one time event
  • Working a few hours each week or month at our office
  • Working on a temporary special project from your home

To learn more about the current volunteer opportunities currently available at WeCo, complete the form below and someone will get back to you within 48 hours.