Lead Certified Test Consultant Nina Phouthasack

Lead Certified Test Consultant Nina


Nina is one of the original ‘beta’ testers for WeCo. She has a in depth understanding of how to test websites for accessibility by using her past experience combined with the training provided by WeCo. Nina has been promoted to a Lead CTC.

Nina graduated from Hennepin Technical College with an Office Support Specialist certificate and is interested in pursuing administrative work. She worked for a mortgage company as a lead researcher. Being able to successfully complete the job duties showed potential employers “that I was capable of doing what I actually wrote on the resume”, says Nina, even though she is blind.

She brings a wealth of knowledge about how people with sight impairments access the Internet. As an expert with the JAWS screen reader software Nina recognizes the barriers that sight impaired users encounter when surfing some of the web’s most popular sites using this assistive technology.

Nina enjoys listening to music, reading and cooking.  She looks up recipes on the Internet and tries to tweak them to make them suitable for her dietary needs. “Sometimes it works and sometimes it’s a huge bust. I’ve been trying to find different ways to enjoy—let’s say “normal” food”.

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