A Career With Options

Women seated in a wheel chair at a desk in her home office.  A service dog is on the floor next to her.

WeCo CTCs work in a supported virtual office environment with opportunities for social interaction and free professional training.

At WeCo, we understand that part of what makes a career opportunity work is having choices. For this reason, the WeCo Certified Test Consultant (CTC) position is perfectly suited to working at home. Using existing home computer equipment or a public terminal, our testers can work how and when they need to.

WeCo Certified Test Consultants (CTCs) work as independent contractors in a virtual office environment, supported by a team of professionals, many of whom also live with disabilities. WeCo provides CTCs with:

  • A supported virtual office environment which provides individual options for social and professional interaction through online meetings, get-together events and remote training.
  • Annual certification/recertification training and professional development courses, free of charge.
  • The opportunity to advance as their skill level increases.  This means our CTCs can earn more, take on more responsibility and learn new skills which will help them grow professionally and personally.

Apply for a Certified Test Consultant position

WeCo's Lead CTC pin in silver with black letters.

WeCo CTCs who advance on the WeCo Career Path receive special recognition, such as this silver pin for Lead Certified Test Consultants.

WeCo’s 2015 spring recruitment phase is currently closed.  However, you can feel free to submit an application to our Certified Test Team Management at any time.  We keep all applications on file for the period of one year.

To apply, complete an employment application at the link below

WeCo Contract and Regular Employment Application

You may also get in touch with us with your questions:

Submit your questions to WeCo through this form or contact us at admin@theweco.com or 855-849-5050 x2

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