At WeCo, we understand that part of what makes a career opportunity work is having choices. For this reason, the WeCo Certified Test Consultant (CTC) position is perfectly suited to working at home. Using existing home computer equipment or a public terminal, our testers can work how and when they need to.

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Part of the WeCo business plan is to incorporate a Wi-Fi lobby and computer lab into our office space. This will give our CTCs the chance to work with others in a relaxed office setting, if they choose. Minimizing isolation and offering our consultants the opportunity to work on projects in a team setting is an important part of the WeCo vision.

WeCo trains people to work as Certified Test Consultants, not just to deliver powerful user-experience testing services to our clients, but to help our CTCs develop as confident, effective professionals.

Whether they choose to remain with us as testing consultants, start their own business enterprise or move on to another work place, the skills WeCo’s CTCs obtain from our no-cost Professional Development Training Program can equip them for career fulfillment in a variety of business environments.


Changing Perceptions by Giving Back

Everything we do at WeCo seeks to change incorrect perceptions the public and our communities may have about people who live with disabilities and their capabilities. Thus, every Certified Test Consultant (CTC) is strongly encouraged to move past the comfort of their workspace and out into their communities to give back.

WeCo recognizes and celebrates the efforts of our CTCs who do volunteer work, serve on committees and take leadership in myriad ways within their communities.  They grow by helping others around them grow, making the world a little more inclusive for everyone.


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To learn more about becoming a Certified Test Consultant, please complete the contact form below.  If you wish to contact someone directly, please contact WeCo’s Administrative Services Department at: or 855-849-5050 x2

WeCo Contract and Regular Employment Application

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