Why Use WeCo’s Access Check-In?

WeCo’s Access Check-In Service is designed to give content managers and development staff access to our  user experience testers (Certified Test Consultants),  real people who live with a variety of disabilities, to check the usability and functionality of websites and electronic documents during the development process. Such agile development is responsive to user feedback, guides changes in an informed manner, and allows development teams to learn and experiment with what works and what does not–an especially important process when answering questions related to accessibility:

  • Will all users be able to navigate my website and documents effectively?
  • Will links and site features work for all users as I intend?
  • Will the information I am developing for a website or document be presented in a way that makes sense to all users?

Having access to such feedback will help your organization provide meaningful accessibility to your users–not just the results of an automated checklist.

Benefits of WeCo’s Access Check-In Service

  • Helps you to catch potential mistakes by testing small changes as they are made
  • Provides your staff with functional training in accessibility by making fixes as they are needed
  • Gives your staff the confidence that their work will be accessible

Types of Potential Projects That Work Well for Access Check-In Services

  • New and redeveloped web pages (send us links as you develop)
  • Website documents (PDF, Word, Power Point, Excel are the most popular)
  • Online forms
  • Webinar and online presentation formats
  • Software products

Using WeCo’s Access Check-In Service

When you request an Access Check-In for your organization you will be able to choose one of our Certified Test Consultants, to test your project, from the following disability classifications:[1]

  • Sight-Related: A tester living with blindness, low-vision or color blindness. Testers living with this type of disability are helpful in verifying non-visual access to sites and documents.
  • Hearing-Related: A tester living with deafness or who is hard of hearing. Testers living with this type of disability are helpful in verifying audio elements, such as videos and recordings.
  • Motor Skill-Related: A tester living with mobility challenges, such as those who use wheelchairs and walkers and may also have difficulty using their hands and arms. Testers living with this type of disability are helpful in verifying access to sites that have a large number of links and/or require a great deal of page scrolling.
  • Cognitive-Related: A tester living with cognitive challenges that make it hard for them to read and understand information. This group of people may also be easily overwhelmed by large amounts of information or visual distraction. Testers living with this type of disability are helpful in verifying access to sites that have a large number of pages and a great deal of information.

Components of WeCo’s Access Check-In Service

As part of your Access Check-In Service you will receive:

  • Verification of your project (web page, document, software product, etc.) by one person living with one of the four disability classifications recognized by the US Department of Human Services.
  • A WeCo Access Check-In Report documenting how accessible your website or project was to our tester, including his or her own words and suggestions for improvement. (See Sample Report below)

ACI Sample Report (PDF)

You will receive your Access Check-In Report within seven business days of submitting your Access Check-In Service request.

A note for developers and content managers: To ensure accurate testing of your websites and documents, please refrain from making major changes to your content during the seven business-day period that your test will be run.

Access Check-In Service Pricing 

  • A batch of 1-5 links/URLs for $450.00*
  • A batch of 6-10 links/URLs for $850.00*

*Price includes one Access Check-In Report document per batch 

If you have any questions regarding the Access Check-In Service, please contact WeCo’s Accessibility Services Department at: accessinfo@theweco.com or 855-849-5050 x1.

Access Check-In Request



Please note: Any information you send to WeCo will be kept strictly confidential. We value your privacy, and will never spam your inbox nor sell your information to a third party.

Disclaimer: The Access Check-In report is designed to provide product developers with accessibility guidance, which will foster Section 508 or WCAG 2.0 compliance. However, this report should not be used as a compliance verification document. WeCo’s Access Approved™ Test Case Report is designed to verify and document Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 compliance needs.

  1. As recognized by the US Department of Human Services  ↩