WeCo’s testing services are designed to ensure that access to your website or project includes the widest audience possible and that your organization is credited for its efforts to maintain an accessible web presence.


A Customized Test Case Developed For Your Target

Your WeCo Customized Test Case will be designed to simulate how real-life users interact with your website or project, providing you with an optimal picture of accessibility.

Review of Your Test Target By a WeCo Certified Test Team

Our test teams receive certification training in order to implement WeCo’s Customized Test Cases. This training ensures that your organization will receive quality testing services with quality results.


WeCo’s “Second Review” Testing Option for Your Target

If your target requires adjustments in order to meet WeCo’s Access Approved™ Seal qualifications, we’ll provide a second review of the challenge areas at no additional cost.


WeCo’s Accessible Test Case Final Report

Providing you with documentation of your organization’s accessibility efforts, this report includes the list of WeCo Standards of Access your target has attained and recommendations for improving your website or project’s accessibility.

The statistical data contained within this Final Report can be used to document and demonstrate your organization’s efforts to comply with access legislation. This information can also be highly beneficial from a public relations standpoint.


Ongoing Assistance from WeCo

When you partner with WeCo, you get more than just one-time test results. You get an ongoing commitment to service from our knowledgeable staff.

Use our free website resources and contact us any time if you have questions or need help brainstorming an access issue. The Accessibility Services Department can be reached at accessinfo@theweco.com or 855-849-5050 x1. Our personal services are available to you at no additional cost, and with no obligation to purchase future testing services.